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Friday, August 5, 2011

Just for Fun Friday: Cleverbot and Bacon Ipsum

Here are some cool things we’re playing around with this week. Take a look just for fun, and feel free to share some of your favorite online tools or destinations with us too!

Dan is fond of Cleverbot for the entertainment value. Cleverbot is a web application created back in 1988 that tries to mimic actual human conversation. It takes input from a user and selects previously entered phrases from its database of conversations to respond. Supposedly it’s like “talking with the collective community of the Internet.” Check it out and see what you think, but don’t expect any “deep” conversations.

Carnivorous staffer Eddie has a new favorite indulgence in Bacon Ipsum for meatier mockup filler text. If you’re a designer with a hankering for cuts of meat, Bacon Ipsum should satisfy your appetite. Not to discriminate against vegetarians though, there is also Veggie Ipsum on the menu.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Web Design Links: Stock Photos, HTML5 Markup, Bookmark Tool, Dummy Text

Take a look at these great web design resources the team has discovered this week!

Tom Z: Here’s a resource for finding stock photos

Dan: 7 lovely things about HTML5 Markup

Alexis: fun dummy text generators

Tom M: Instapaper is a nice little site where you can create an account, then basically bookmark items you find online that you want to read later (for those times, you see a good tweet or a link in an email, but you really don’t have time to read it).  With Instapaper, you easily bookmark the item using your browser, then you can pull up the link later in your browser or on your mobile device.  And it not only brings up the text of the page you wanted to read, it also strips a lot of the other junk (ads) from the display.

What useful and fun online tools have you found recently to help with your own work? We’d love to hear about them, so please share.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Links: Google Maps, Web Design Best Practices, Mega Menus

Dan and Eddie we’re messing around with this:

  1. Open Google Maps and click Get Directions
  2. Type Japan as your starting point
  3. Type China as your destination
  4. Read step #42 – the folks at Google are hilarious

If you thought that was fun, try Japan and then USA (#40).

Are you using the +1 button?  Did you know it can be integrated into your site and your visitors can help you improve your relevancy? Find out more about the +1 button  Note: we now have one on our blog, feel free +1 our blog! 

We are getting super excited about the opening of the Legacy Theater, can you tell?

I know we already showed some great uses of jQuery this month, but this photo gallery from RA Sushi is awesome! We also noticed RA is still using Flash on the homepage with graceful degradation for iOS.  What’s graceful degradation you say? Read more about here.

While we’re on the subject, just some web design best practices.

Because many of us here have experience working with computers that somehow qualifies us as Customer Support for all our friends and family.  Alexis has found the solution… LifeHacker’s How To For Beginners.  Priceless!

If you think computer geeks only know computers, you’re wrong!

  • Check out Tracy’s blog post about how a sandwich turned into a pizza.
  • Check out the site Alexis uses to stay on top of her gardening.  Yes, she found it on LifeHacker

Our manager, Jeff Enlow shared an incredible mega menu from  Hover (don’t click) over The Resorts button in the main nav bar, then hover (don’t click) over any of the names of the resorts and watch the photo and description of that resort scroll like the wheel on Wheel of Fortune. Awesomeness!

If you have kids and like taking video of them with your iPhone this app is a must have!


Eddie Ebeling is not the main contributor for the LRS Web Solutions blog. Can you tell? Email Cassandra with feedback!


Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Links: Swiffy, ESPN Mobile, Evernote

Happy Friday friends! We have a few things to share before we all head off for a long weekend.  Ok, the truth is, most of us are gone already…

Love your flash movie but are depressed it won’t display on your iPad?  Swiffy could be the answer you are looking for!

Jedd says he can’t live without the ESPN mobile website.  What mobile sites to you visit most?

Beau has been singing the praise for Evernote lately.  Some might say it’s his new obsession…  “It’s a great way to organize your work, your life, anything and everything you need to organize. It’s a developers dream for keeping track of things. It’s a combo Mac / Windos app and works with iPhone / iPad (just about everything) and you can access your notes via the website as well.”

All LRS departments just started using Gone For Good Document Destruction and we are super excited about it!!  Does your company recycle?

And lastly, words cannot describe our amazement and interest in this!


Cassandra Pence is the main contributor for the LRS Web Solutions blog. Have a link suggestion? Email her!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Links Just For Fun!

This is an incredible puzzle, how cool would it be as an online application?

Are you a Comic Sans Criminal?  There’s help available for you!

I want these… but I’m not a geek.

A long, long, time ago Kurt used to work at LRS Web Solutions.  What amazing talent!

Speaking of talent… how excited are you about this!?  We are!  Our friend, Scott Richardson will be the “man behind the curtain” and we can’t wait to support him on opening night!

Next Thursday is officially Social Media Day.  How will you celebrate?

And last, but not least… I can’t stop thinking about how to display these in my office.

Have a great weekend friends!


Cassandra Pence is the main contributor for the LRS Web Solutions blog. Have a link suggestion? Email her!